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Associations between neighbourhood design, neighbourhood socioeconomic status and sleep in adults
OC YYC 2019 Poster (002).png
Who benefits from walkability? Relationships between the built environment and neighbourhood-based physical activity among subpopulations
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Perceived Neighbourhood Walkability and Different Types of Physical Activity in Canadian Men and Women
ISBNPA-2019-McCormack Perceived walkabil
A Mixed Methods Study of Changes in Physical Activity Following Residential Relocation
The Relationship between Calgary Urban Form and Neighborhood-Based Walking
IPH conference 2014 poster Neighbourhood
The Effect of Neighbourhood Walkability and Neighbourhood SES on Commuting Behaviour
Poster VIRK 4x3_GM_Page_1.jpg
A Cross-Sectional Study of the Associations Between the Built Environment and Physical Activity-Related Cognitions in Canadian Adults
Summer OCSS poster - main Steeven Toor.j
Differences in Transportation and Leisure Physical Activity by Neighbourhood Design
ALR-2019-McCormack Urban Design and PA.j
Environmental and Personal Barriers and Facilitators Impacting the Experiences of Adults Participating in an Internet-Facilitated Pedometer Intervention
ISBNPA-2019-McCormack qualitative pedome
The Temporal Association Between the Built Environment and Walking: A Longitudinal Residential Relocation Study
The Relationship Between Neighbourhood Walkability and Leisure-Based Screen Time in Adults
Poster_BE and TV watching_ISBNPA Cape To
The Associations Between Urban Form and Walking Behaviour Among Adults: A Neighbourhood Perspective
McCormack IPH conference 2014 poster Pec
Urban Design, Socioeconomic Status, Seasonality and Neighborhood Walking: Findings from the EcoEUFORIA Project
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Perceived Access to Neighborhood Destinations and its Influence on Neighborhood-Based Walking
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